Mezzanine Included in Gartner Research Note

We are quite pleased that Mezzanine is included in Gartner analyst Stephen Kleynhans's March 29, 2017 research note, "Select the Right Technology for Modern Meeting Rooms.”

We aren’t permitted to tell you what Gartner has to say about Oblong’s Mezzanine. For that, you’ll have to download the research note itself.

But we can tell you that it offers solid use cases and mental models to help you understand the range of meeting requirements and what to look for in the technologies that satisfy them. The piece was written by Gartner Research VP Stephen Kleynhans, whose practical perspective as an expert in end-user computing environments we feel shines through.

And we can offer a short quote from the “Multiscreen, Room-based Collaboration” section we’re included in.

These solutions aren’t so much about touchscreens or simple presentations, although they typically integrate that functionality. Rather, they are targeted at teams collaborating on a task that requires multiple data streams and active participation from multiple users. The goal is on visualization with information spatially distributed around the room.

The advantages of this approach are like what we see on enterprise desktops. Enterprise workers today frequently multitask, engaging with information from multiple sources, and to enable this we have outfitted their desktops with multiple monitors. This reduces the inevitable context switching that occurs as they move between tasks on a single screen. It also enables them to place information spatially to assist with collating and navigating across multiple applications and files.

Multiscreen, room-based devices do the same thing for a team.

To find out specifically what Gartner has to say about Mezzanine, please download the research note here.