‘Minority Report’ Gets Real for Government


Oblong Industries was recently featured in Government Computer News. In the article, our federal director, Michael Friedel, explains how government agencies are using Mezzanine for executive briefings and customer presentations, group collaboration, data and content sharing, real-time situational awareness and more. The article also recognizes how Mezzanine saves on middleware costs, increases productivity and reduces employee travel expenses by removing the need to travel to attend meetings.

On Tuesday, April 28, Mike Friedel will be joined by CEO John Underkoffler and Lt. Col Tamara Schwartz (US Airforce) in a webcast hosted by our government partners at Carahsoft, to talk about the applications of this technology for real-time situational awareness and response. Register to watch the webcast here

When you’re ready to experience Mezzanine first-hand, join us at an Oblong office in Washington DC, London, Barcelona, New York, Boston, Chicago, Houston, Boulder, Los Angeles, or Menlo Park by scheduling a demo