Mezzanine 300 Series

Immersive Infopresence

Mezzanine 300 features three displays, presenting an immersive sandbox for visual collaboration. Teams can easily share their devices and applications for an unparalleled, content-forward experience. Up to three live video sources can be viewed at full resolution or a variety of graphics and content from connected devices can all be interactively positioned and viewed concurrently by meeting participants. Simple juxtaposition of content across the screens inspires fresh perspectives and innovative thinking.

The Mezzanine Difference

Connected Mezzanine rooms create a shared workspace across locations. Geographically distributed teams gain the benefit of a common visual reference to assist in presenting and making sense of multiple streams of information. The 300 series workspace exactly matches our flagship 600 series, allowing customers to extend the immersive Mezzanine experience to remote and branch offices at a lower cost.

Upgrade Ready

If additional displays and surfaces and required to create a more expansive and physically immersive work environment, Mezzanine 300 systems can also be upgraded to a six-screen Mezzanine 600 configuration. The upgrade includes the addition of a trio of corkboards.

Want the Upgrade? Check out Mezzanine 600.