Mezzanine 600 Series

The Wow Factor

The 600 series features six screens that span multiple walls, creating a truly immersive environment for collaborative work and customer engagement. By enabling the visualization and distribution of multiple inputs across multiple surfaces in a room, Mezzanine 600 helps teams better manage and comprehend visual information to accelerate decision-making and increase engagement.

The Mezzanine Difference

Mezzanine 600 includes digital corkboards that extend the workspace to additional walls in the room. These three screens are private to the room and are not shared when collaborating with other 600 and 300 systems. While the three primary screens ensure everyone is looking at the same content and data in the same way, the corkboards allow users to stage content they may wish to introduce into the workspace, or to simply to place content in a more visible and comfortable location for others in the room.

High-Impact Storytelling

Multiple streams of content are free to be placed anywhere in the room from anywhere in the room with Mezzanine 600. Instead of just showing a presentation deck, you can deliver an unparalleled visual and interactive experience. Multi-surface and spatial interaction deliver a powerful “wow” factor whether you are selling to customers, servicing clients, or engaging your workforce.

Experience the Wow in Person.