Mezzanine 650 Series

Total Immersion

Mezzanine 650 is our most immersive and extensible system.  Up to six screens can be configured as a video wall, and additional Mezzanine appliances can be connected to extend your workspace to utilize more walls and screens. Mezzanine 650 delivers the visual real estate required to tell expansive and engaging stories and to display all the critical factors in a complex project or business challenge.

The Mezzanine Difference

Mezzanine 650 supports both infrared and ultrasonic tracking to provide the greatest installation flexibility and accommodate the widest diversity of screen configurations. Acoustic emitters can be discreetly installed in ceiling panels to enable large ultrasonic tracking volumes suitable for large executive briefing centers.

Innovation at Large

Mezzanine 650 is suitable for large-scale, architectural installations or custom environments that set you apart from your competition. You can transform every surface in a room or open office workspace into a dynamic canvas for collaboration and compelling storytelling. Nothing says more about your company than your workspace and workforce. The 650 series delivers immersion, engagement, and innovation.