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Multi-Surface Interaction
Share content and video streams across multiple display surfaces.

Flexible Screen Configurations
Customize your workspace with a variety of screen configurations.

Interactive Canvas
Easily move and resize graphics and video windows.

Bring Your
Own Device

Interact and engage with the device of your choosing.

Laptop: Web Browser
Mobile Phone: iOS and Android
Tablet: iOS and Android

Capture Insights
and Inspiration

Whiteboard Camera
Save whiteboard content to your workspace.

Mark up workspace content from your iOS/Android device.

Instantly save workspace content for later discussion.

Share Content

Plug and Play
Connect up to 10 video streams including video conferencing and screen sharing.

Wireless Screen Sharing
Share your screen wirelessly with the Mezzanine Screencast application.

Add Content
Upload graphics and .pdfs to the workspace to share presentations and documents.

Your Content

Grab and Go
Download your workspace to review and share after your meeting.

Password-protect your workspace.

Content Management
Save and discard workspaces to streamline meeting transitions.

Point the Way

Innovative Control
Interact with any screen from anywhere in the room with the spatial wands.

Focus Attention
The wand is more than just a remote. Use it as a pointer to direct attention to on-screen content.

Save Content
Point and click the wand to instantly capture whiteboard content. Click and drag to preserve on-screen content.

Unite Teams

Multi-Location Collaboration
Link Mezzanine rooms so everyone collaborates in the same workspace, regardless of location.

Real-Time Interaction
Multi-participant control from any device and location means everyone is engaged.

Mezzanine works seamlessly across distance

Unite your distributed workforce in a shared workspace that builds trust, deepens engagement, and increases productivity.