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Client Solutions

Tap into the power of spatial computing
to solve your toughest problems

You have a transformative vision for your company. Let’s bring it to life.


Imagine abstract concepts taking shape in real-world space, controlled by simple gestures—all in service to solving your most complex business challenges. It’s not sci-fi. It’s what we build with you, for you.

We start with our revolutionary g-speak platform. Then we pour world-class design, engineering, and innovation into fully custom solutions that give you the power to

  • Create disruptive products with a distinct competitive advantage
  • Solve the previously unsolvable with an intuitive interface that gives you a deep view of data at architectural scale
  • Collaborate seamlessly in a fully immersive, dynamic environment
  • Integrate with any of your existing systems for ultimate fluidity

Assert your place on the leading edge of innovation

Whether you want to create a bold product that opens new revenue streams, or unearth answers to challenging enigmas, or simply tell your story in captivating visuals, our team is here for you.

Together, we push the technological limits to yield endless aha moments for you and your stakeholders.

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