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The Future of Work

Work has changed. Workplace collaboration must change too.

What if working with information collaboration and working with colleagues was a richer experience, more exciting and stimulating than watching the hottest TV drama or IMAX movie?

Think about it. We've come to expect thrillingly ambitious visual entertainment but, somehow, in the office, we're resigned to presentations without visualized data and scenarios that deliver minimal engagement and narrative punch. That's ironic, because the increasing pace and complexity of business demands the absolute best communication, workplace collaboration, and data visualization that technology can offer. At Oblong, we understand the challenges and we have solutions that break the bounds of current workspaces for greater engagement, discovery, and productivity. Because work is changing, workplace collaboration tools need to change for the century we live in—and stretch beyond into the future.

Teams are distributed far and wide.

People and technology are any company's most important and expensive assets, but they're increasingly distributed far and wide. Face-to-face interaction is more scarce, driving us to seek better ways of data collaboration, as if we're in the same room when we're many miles apart. We urgently need a solution that gives a clear competitive edge to a dispersed workforce.

Fortune 1000 companies around the globe are entirely revamping their space around the fact that employees are already mobile. Studies repeatedly show they are not at their desk 50-60% of the time. "Latest Telecommuting Statistics"

The ever-increasing speed of business requires parallel work processes.

The breakneck pace of business often means work must be delivered fast, driving a need for on-the-spot decision-making. "Unicorn" startups are reaching billion-dollar valuations in a few years, killing off incumbent businesses that took decades to build. The need to collaborate and visualize data in real-time is more urgent, but more challenging, than ever.

The data deluge is underway.

We're drowning in data. An exponentially growing flood of information is coming in new forms from new sources, sensors, actuators, and other machines. Information will continue to drive every important business decision, yet we currently have inadequate tools with which to capture, classify, and analyze it to turn visualized data into vital insights.

We are basically at the beginning of a huge wave of information that's coming at us. Much of that information will be highly unstructured, highly noisy. Our ability to analyze it is a huge challenge.
DR. JOHN E KELLY III Vice President, IBM Portfolio Solutions Munich, December 2015

Visual is a given. Immersive is competitive advantage.

Humans are visual creatures and our digital communications, content, and data collaboration are increasingly visual. The workplace urgently needs to offer an immersive environment to foreground information visualization and foster improved employee engagement. Sharing information in two dimensions ignores the enormous capabilities of three-dimensional data visualization technology, which can generate a truly big-picture view of crucial business intelligence

Modern workers have modern expectations.

Millennials now represent the largest percentage of the workforce in the US. These digital natives grew up with devices in hand to put content, answers, and cohorts at their fingertips. These workers are willing to be continuously in touch with work, but in return demand greater feelings of connection, and reward. They require a workplace of great utility, and one that excites, intrigues, and satisfies them. Workplace collaboration and immersive data visualization provide the keys to unlock the future of work for this valued influx of talent.